Welcome to the DeusMC Server Store

On our Server Store, you are able to purchase many kinds of packages to further improve your gameplay on our server.

Your must be online in order to receive your rewards. Any package bought on our Server Store is Non-Refundable

Payment Options

On our store you are able to buy packages through Paypal. If you wish to not use a paypal account but rather a Credit/Debit or Prepaid card, continue with the paypal link but choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

Not Receiving Items?

Join our Discord or Server, or email us at [email protected], and we will sort out any troubles you are experiencing.


Anything bought on our Server Store is not refundable. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions and the information on this page after buying anything will result in a perm. ban from DeusMC. Make sure your above 18, or have parent permission prior to purchasing a rank or perk on our server.